Russland: Russian church site opens section on "Historical unity of the Russian Orthodox Church"

A new subsection has been opened on the official site of the Russian Orthodox Church dedicated to the “Historical unity of the Russian Orthodox Church,” providing documents, publications, and news dedicated to the ongoing crisis in the Ukrainian Orthodox Church.

As the announcement reads, “Throughout its 1,000-year history, the Russian Orthodox Church, despite the changing political circumstances and temporary divisions, include the two-century period of forced separation from the Kiev Metropolia, has always understood itself as one whole.

As the Holy Synod of the Russian Church stated on October 15, “Following the reunification of the Russian Church in 1686, for more than three centuries, no one doubted that the Orthodox of Ukraine were the flock of the Russian Church, and not the Patriarchate of Constantinople. And today, the pressure of external anti-Church forces notwithstanding, this multi-million flock values ​​the unity of the Church of All Russia and remains faithful to it.”

The new resource provides documents, publications, and news on the history and modern life of the united Russian Orthodox Church, including official and authoritative research, interviews, and other materials on the situation in the Ukrainian Church, including the official views of other Local Orthodox Churches.

The materials on the site are currently available in Russian and Ukrainian, though English and Greek versions are also forthcoming. (Quelle:, 21. November 2018)