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Call for Papers: Liturgy and Ecumenism

Pro Oriente Summer Course 2020
6. - 9. Juli 2020, Wien

Liturgy and Ecumenism are closely linked to each other in multiple aspects. Scholarship in the fields of Eastern and Western liturgy clearly is an ecumenical endeavour with various liturgical pastoral implications. Most liturgical topics dealing with Christian initiation, the Eucharist, prayer, ministry, the liturgical year, among others, all have ecumenical resonances, because they constitute identities of almost all Christians. As such, liturgy plays an important role in bi- and multilateral ecumenical dialoguews and encounters. It is the field where both unity and divisions between the churches are manifest, and thus it features the potential of both ecumenical approach and distance. The Pro Oriente Summer Course 2020 will, among others, focus on the following aspects:

- Chances and stumbling blocks for interdenominational common worship
- Interecclesial cross-fertilization and recasting/'ricasting'
- Liturgy as both legitimization of existing hierarchies and source of inspiration for the entire people of God
- Liturgy and Ecclesiology: searching for a balance between Baptismal Ecclesiology and Eucharistic Ecclesiology
- Liturgy as God's transforming gift to humankind
- The human being as "animal ceremoniale, liturgicum" (A. Grillo)
- Liturgy and the Arts

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