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Call for Papers: Nicea and the Church of the Third Millennium

Towards Catholic-Orthodox Unity
International Conference

4. - 8. Juni 2025

The Council of Nicaea (325) is foundational for Orthodox-Catholic unity. The Council inaugurated a synodal way of addressing theological and canonical issues at the universal level. The Nicene Creed provided a theological vision of the triune God that continues to guide the common faith of Christians, in particular, of the Orthodox and Catholic Churches. The conference will focus on uniting and dividing theological and ecclesiological issues by discussing the legacy of the First Ecumenical Council.

Confirmed Speakers Include:
Prof. Lewis Ayres | Prof. Mark DelCogliano | Prof. George Demacopoulos | Rev. Dr. Fr. Hyacinthe Destivelle | Prof. Paul Gavrilyuk | Rev. Prof. Cyril Hovorun | Prof. Dimitrios Keramidas | Prof. Young Kim | Dr. Georgios Kordis | Dr. Andrej Jevtić | Prof. Matthew Levering | Bishop Kyrillos (Los Angeles) | Prof. David Luy | Prof. Bruce Marshall | Rev. Prof. Amphilochios Miltos | Prof. Irina Paert | Prof. Aristotle Papanikolaou | Ms. Katerina Pekridou | Metropolitan Job of Pisidia | Rev. Dr. Mark S. Smith | Prof. Richard Swinburne | Prof. Julija Naett Vidovic | Rev. Prof. Thomas Joseph White | Prof. Dr. Myriam Wijlens | Archbishop Rowan Williams | Prof. Gayle Woloschak

Proposals for papers are invited on the following topics:
1) the contemporary implications of confessing the Lordship and divinity of Jesus Christ as well as the mystery of God as Trinity;
2) the significance of the First Ecumenical Council for the understanding and practice of synodality and primacy;
3) the importance of the Council’s dogmatic and canonical decisions for Orthodox-Catholic dialogue (especially for the bilateral discussions of ecclesiology, conciliar theory, and the date of Easter).

Contributions relevant to the Oriental Orthodox and Eastern Catholic traditions are encouraged.

Each contributor may deliver only one paper. The abstract will be judged on the basis of five criteria:
(1) a clear and informative introduction to your topic;
(2) the major points of your argument, and an overview of the evidence supporting your argument;
(3) a convincing statement on the significance and originality of your work;
(4) the conclusions you propose;
(5) the fit of the paper with the themes of the conference.

The proposals should be between 500 and 1000 words. All proposed papers must be substantially original and never have been published previously. Submit your proposal as an email attachment to Dr. Ana Petrache, Conference Coordinator at .

Deadline: March 1, 2024

An International Conference co-organized by the International Orthodox Theological Association (IOTA) and the Institute for the Ecumenical Studies of the Pontifical University of St. Thomas Aquinas (Angelicum).

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