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Konferenz: Women in Eastern and Southeastern Europe and the Experience of War

An interconfessional, interreligious and interethnic Perspective (19th to 21st centuries)
Foundation Reconciliation in South East Europe
Healing of Memories
Bridge between Churches, Cultures and Religions

23.  - 24. Mai 2024

War is generally viewed as a male-only affair, with almost total disregard for the important role women play during and after armed conflict. The main goal of the conference is to analyse how women in different historical, social, cultural and religious contexts have dealt with war and its effects. The conference will focus in particular but not exclusively on questions such as: What role did women play in the wars that confronted Southeastern Europe (the various armed conflicts of the 19th century, the two world wars, the wars in the former Yugoslavia in the 1990s, the war in Ukraine etc.)? How did they contribute to the post-war reconstruction of their countries? What role did women’s religious organizations of different denominations play in this context? What are the differences between male (political, historiographical, etc.) and female discourses on war? etc. A special session of the conference will be dedicated to the war in Ukraine: The Ukrainian women living as refugees in Sibiu will be invited to speak about their experience of the war.

The conference will take place in Sibiu/Romania (hybrid presence).

Titles and abstracts (up to maximum 250 words) should be submitted to Marian Pătru at by February 29, 2024.

The conference is being organized with the financial support of the German National Committee of the Lutheran World Federation/Hanover.