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Workshop: Akindynos’ Role in the Hesychast Controversy

International Workshop

Friday/Saturday, 15th-16th March 2019

This workshop examines the Hesychast Controversy and its protagonists in 14th-century Byzantium. It particularly focuses on Gregory Akindynos, Gregory Palamas’ fiercest but least known opponent. The workshop is organised by the Research Group of the Swiss National Science Foundation Project “Akindynos and Palamas in Dispute on Divine Energies” and will bring together various international specialists in the field for the first time.

The workshop is open to the public.
Participation is free, but we would like to ask you to register before February the 28th 2019 by sending a message to

UniS, Schanzeneckstrasse 1
CH-3012 Bern
Room B-102

Website of the research group

Program of the workshop