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Madagaskar: ROC’s African Exarchate receives its first monastic community

26. August 2022

Since its official establishment in December, the Russian Orthodox Church’s African Exarchate has received hundreds of clerics and dozens of communities throughout the canonical territory of the Patriarchate of Alexandria. And now it has received its first monastic community. In Ambatondrazaka, Madagascar, a nun named Mother Nektaria and a group of novices announced their transition to the ROC, the African Exarchate reports. According to the Exarchate report, an Alexandrian priest accused the nuns of theft when they took their belongings from their former place of residence, though the police made no arrests. The sisters are currently settling into new premises rented for them by the Exarchate. OrthoChristian reported last week that more than 200 people have been baptized by clerics of the Exarchate in Africa just this month. (Quelle:, 23. August 2022)