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Albanien: Archbishop Anastasios of Albania discharged from hospital

25. November 2020

According to an announcement from Evangelismos Hospital in Athens, His Beatitude Archbishop Anastasios of Albania is being discharged and sent home today, after 12 days of hospitalization. The Archbishop will remain in quarantine at home following his discharge, reports Romfea. His Beatitude, 91, was hospitalized on November 11 after testing positive for COVID-19. After his first day in the ICU, he issued a hopeful statement, saying: “Throughout our lives we refer to the God of surprises but also to the God of miracles. Our journey in Albania began with the exclamation ‘God is with us’ and the chorus of ‘we are with Him,’ which bolstered our certainty that “God will not leave us.” (Quelle:, 23. November 2020)