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Griechenland: Mt. Athos reopens to pilgrims

20. Mai 2021

After several months of lockdown restrictions, Mt. Athos is finally open to pilgrims again, starting May 11. The decision to reopen the Holy Mountain was made by the Sacred Community—the governing body of Mt. Athos, consisting of one representative from each of the 20 ruling monasteries, reports the Orthodoxia News Agency. The number of pilgrims allowed on the Mountain at one time will be strictly limited: Each monastery may issue 10 diamontirions (a visa-like document needed to enter the Holy Mountain); some sketes may issue 5, and some 2, and cells and hesychasteria may issue 1 each. The Sacred Community’s circular states that it is strictly forbidden to allow people to move between monasteries once they are on Mt. Athos. (Quelle:, 11. Mai 2021)