Serbien: Bishop Teodosije of Raska-Prizren protested against the ban imposed on Arnaud Gouillon

Arnaud Gouillon, the president of the humanitarian association "Solidarité Kosovo", which helps the Serbian Orthodox population in this region, gave the following details on his arrest:

"On Monday morning, September 10, while I was going to Kosovo to help in a humanitarian project, Albanian police arrested me at a checkpoint. They prevented me from continuing on my journey. Three hours after having detained me in their premises, they notified me that I was banned and could stay on the territory of Kosovo. No information was communicated to me on the legal basis, the criteria, and the process that led to this decision. In the absence of any clarification, this measure appears to me to be totally abusive, arbitrary and unjustified".

The press service of the Raska-Prizren diocese issued the following statement:

"Bishop Teodosije of Raska-Prizren most strongly condemns the inhuman behavior of the Kosovar security that prevented our friend Arnaud Gouillon, a humanitarian worker and benefactor, to enter Kosovo and Metohija in order to attend the planned opening of a poultry farm for the Raska-Prizren diocese soup kitchens. The arrest of Arnaud by the Kosovo police and his interrogation, followed by the threats he received from a member of the Kosovar secret service, are examples of an uncouth attitude towards a man who, through his human sacrifice and his solidarity, has been selflessly helping the Serbian people in this area for years.

It is precisely because of his sacrifice and solidarity with our suffering people that Arnaud has been targeted by those for whom friends of the Serbs are ipso facto considered as enemies of Kosovo, said the bishop. Theodosius. With the blessing of the bishop, the diocesan office contacted international representatives to ask them to take appropriate measures with the Kosovar institutions, so that this Frenchman can pursue his humanitarian action. He is not subject to any prosecution and no one has the right to limit his freedom of movement. Besides, Arnaud Gouillon, a French and European citizen, also has Serbian nationality. There is no legal reason to prevent his free entry to Kosovo and Metohija to freely pursue his humanitarian work.

Arnaud and his friends from France have been actively helping our people in Kosovo and Metohija since 2004, and actively collaborating with the Raska-Prizren diocese. As a sign of gratitude, the Order of Saint Sava was awarded to him at the request of Bishop Teodosije, as an expression of the gratitude of our Church for his humanitarian work and his love for our Church and our faithful." (© 1999-2016 by The Information Service of the Serbian Orthodox Church,, 17. September 2018)