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Rumänien: No further restrictions on public religious services

10. Dezember 2020

Romania’s State Secretariat for Religious Affairs (SSC) hosted on Thursday, December 3, a new meeting of the Platform of Dialogue between faith leaders and the representatives of public authorities with attributions in combating the spread of the SARS-CoV-2 infection. The goal of the consultation was to ensure dialogue and cooperation-based decisions that can meet both public health protection needs and religious needs. The debate concluded with the unanimous approval of the resolution entitled “Recommendations for practical application of measures provided in the Common Order of the Minister of Health no. 1103/17.06.2020 and Minister of Internal Affairs no. 95/17.06.2020, ratified by the State Secretariat for Religious Affairs, regarding the approval of rules for access to places of worship, minimum safety distancing and other specific sanitary measures during religious services.”

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