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Russian Analytical Digest Nr. 231: Orthodox Church

25. Januar 2019

This edition considers the political implications of the recent establishment of an autocephalous Orthodox Church of Ukraine, independent from the Moscow Patriarchate. Firstly, Alexander Ponomariov outlines how the theopolitical dispute between the Ecumenical and Moscow Patriarchate over Orthodoxy in Ukraine is reshaping religious and political boundaries and identities, against the background of the 2019 Ukrainian Presidential elections. Secondly, Regina Elsner examines the political entanglements and power struggles at play in the efforts to unify Orthodoxy in Ukraine and their influence on the relationships between the different Orthodox churches and their faithful in the years ahead.

Ukrainian Church Autocephaly: The Redrawing of the Religious Borders and Political Identities in the Conflict between Ukraine and Russia
Alexander Ponomariov, University of Passau, Germany

Orthodox Church of Ukraine: Challenges and Risks of a New Beginning
Regina Elsner, Center for East European and International Studies, Berlin

Announcement by the Ecumenical Patriarchate of the Decision to Grant Autocephaly to the Orthodox Church of Ukraine

Number of Orthodox Parishes in Ukraine

Opinion Poll
Church Schism: the Russian Perspective
Church Schism: the Ukrainian Perspective
Ukrainian–Russian Relations

Russian Analytical Digest Nr. 231