Ukraine: No plans to transfer the Kiev Caves and Pochaev Lavras

The Ukrainian government has no plans to seize the world-famous Kiev Caves and Pochaev Lavras from the Ukrainian Orthodox Church and transfer them to the “Orthodox Church of Ukraine,” says Minister of Culture, Youth, and Sports Vladimir Borodyansky.  Both sites have been state-owned since soviet times and are leased to the use of the UOC. If there are no violations of the law, then there are no legal grounds for revising the existing contracts, the Minister said in an interview with published on February 11.

“We’re not planning to transfer them to anyone; we have no plans to transfer them,” Borodyansky said. Answering the question whether he knows the results of the audit conducted by the previous government, Borodyansky noted that he is not familiar with the context and its results. “We now have no legal grounds for any review,” the Minister of culture concluded. (Quelle:, 14. Februar 2020)