Russland: Early 18th-century frescoes to be restored at Sretensky Monastery

Thanks to a subsidy from the Moscow city government, unique frescoes from the early 18th century will be restored in the famous Sretensky Monastery. The decree to allocate $476,700 (35 million rubles) was signed by Mayor Sergei Sobyanin, reports Writing about the project on Russian social media, Sobyanin noted that, “Moscow is a modern, dynamic city. It’s very important to take care of our historical heritage when creating a new heritage… One of the most important objects for the city is Sretensky Monastery.”

“We will restore the unique frescoes made by Kostroma masters in 1707,” he explained.

As the mayor recounts, the stone cathedral at Sretensky, which is listed as an object of cultural heritage of fedral significance, was built in 1679 on the site of a 14th-century wooden church. The monastery was closed in 1925 and converted into a dormitory for officers, which resulted in serious damage to the frescoes. (Quelle:, 12. August 2021)