Ukraine: Philaret Denisenko in hospital with coronavirus

Philaret Denisenko, the “Patriarch” of the “Kiev Patriarchate,” has tested positive for COVID-19. Denisenko, 91, the former canonical Metropolitan of Kiev, is undergoing treatment in a hospital after the virus was discovered during routine testing, and his state of health is satisfactory, reports the site of the “Kiev Patriarchate.” Just a few days ago, he said that Epiphany Dumenko, his former protégé and current head of the “Orthodox Church of Ukraine,” is just waiting for Philaret’s death so he can take over his residence in Kiev. In an interview in March, the schismatic leader declared that gay marriage is one of the main causes of the pandemic and that the virus itself is a consequence of the sinfulness of humanity. Meanwhile, his ministry would protect him from the coronavirus, Philaret said in the interview. “I believe that the Lord will not allow me to get sick, because I have to serve the Church,” he said.

A few days ago, Alexander Drabinko, a former bishop of the canonical Ukrainian Orthodox Church who joined the “Orthodox Church of Ukraine,” also reported that he has the coronavirus, though without symptoms. In June, Symeon Shostatsky, the only other bishop who joined the new church together with Drabinko, was being treated in the hospital for the coronavirus. He has since recovered. (Quelle:, 4. September 2020)