Ukraine: Baptists publish position on vaccination

The official website of the All-Ukrainian Union of Churches of Evangelical Baptist Christians has published its position on vaccination. WCC ECB position on vaccination:
  • Based on biblical teaching, we recognize that epidemics are one of the signs of approaching eschatological times. Today, the prophecies about the approaching time of the Second Coming of Jesus Christ are being fulfilled. However, covid vaccination is not a chipization nor acceptance of the "number of the Beast 666", as the Holy Scriptures warn us. Speculation in biblical texts, inciting fear, and spreading "conspiracy theories" are deviations from the Gospel teaching.
  • Vaccination is a medical practice. We cannot provide precise and comprehensive answers to questions about the safety and effectiveness of the COVID-19 vaccine. Each Christian personally decides which vaccine to take (or not to take) and when based on consultation with doctors. Church officials are not experts in the field of vaccination.
  • Christians, as citizens of the country, have the right to freely choose. We defend this right, both in matters of freedom of conscience, faith, and other freedoms of citizens guaranteed by God and the Constitution of Ukraine. That is why we note that every Christian has the right to personally decide whether to take the vaccine or not when it comes to vaccination. We do not consider vaccination a sin, a sign of unbelief or apostasy from God. As Christians, we do not judge each other, respecting everyone's choice.
  • We believe that the authorities are responsible for not committing violence in vaccination issues, respecting the rights of everyone, which are guaranteed by the Constitution of Ukraine.
  • Christians do not resort to "conspiracy ideas". The Bible accurately describes all the events that will take place in recent times. We trust the word of God and believe that the Lord controls all events in the history of mankind. Everything happens under his guidance and His Word will be fulfilled at a certain time.
  • In times of pandemic Christians pray for everyone patients and doctors, so that the Lord will show his mercy. Thank you to doctors for their sacrificial service to people and the help they provide to those who are suffering.
  • We encourage the government of the state to take an active position and call on the nation to fast and pray to God for an end to the pandemic and for a better life in God's Grace. (Quelle:, 22. November 2021)