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Ukraine: Ambassador to the Vatican praised Vatican statement on the war in Ukraine

08. September 2022
Andriy Yurash is pleased with the Vatican's statement on the war in Ukraine. He called the statement that Pope Francis unequivocally condemns the war started by Russia against Ukraine key in the document. Andriy Yurash said this in the comments for the Polish media outlet RAR. Andrey Yurash was asked to comment on the Vatican's statement, which was now made public in connection with the reaction to the Pope's recent words about the "innocent victim of war" Daria Dugina - the daughter of the key ideologist of the Russian World.

Ambassador Yurash emphasized, "We are really pleased that the very strong reaction of the Ukrainian side was taken very seriously and received a response and explanation from the Apostolic capital. What is most important in this statement is the words that the Russian Federation has started a full-scale war. Also, the official document of the Apostolic Capital indicates who is the aggressor and who is responsible for this war." The Ambassador also positively assessed the current Vatican communique in a note on his Facebook page. (Quelle:, 30. August 2022)