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Ukraine: UCCRO Appeal on the urgent delivery of additional air defense equipment

05. Oktober 2023

APPEAL of the Ukrainian Council of Churches and Religious Organizations to the international community on the urgent delivery of additional air defense equipment for Ukraine: For a year and a half now, the people of Ukraine have been bravely and sacrificially resisting Russian aggression. Russia has already killed thousands of Ukrainian civilians in this groundless, unprovoked war that was begun by the Kremlin. Almost every family in every region of Ukraine is struggling to survive because Russia terrorizes the civilian population. Russia is committing genocide against Ukrainians daily using cruise and ballistic missiles and kamikaze drones.

It is evident that with the onset of cold weather, Russia will once again resort to energy terror, trying to destroy critical civilian infrastructure, especially energy facilities. Ukrainians risk being left without heating and electricity in the dead of winter. This could have particularly grave consequences for medical and educational institutions.

The Ukrainian Council of Churches and Religious Organizations considers it its moral duty to once again appeal to the international community: the United States, the European Union, the United Kingdom, and other NATO countries. We call on all of Ukraine's partners and allies, all people of goodwill around the world, to rush to the aid of the people of Ukraine.

Ukraine's defenders need modern air defense systems to neutralize Russian missiles and kamikaze drones to stop Russian terror. The civilian population and critical infrastructure of Ukraine can be saved by such comprehensive air defense systems as Patriot, Hawk, Avenger (United States), NASAMS (Norway), IRIS-T (Germany), Stormer HVM 2 (UK), as well as F-16 aircrafts with radars to intercept missiles in the air.  

We call on the entire free democratic world to help protect Ukraine's sky from Russian missiles and kamikaze drones as soon as possible! Any further delay has a very high price! The war in Ukraine is not a reality TV show that can be watched for years. Every day, Russia ruthlessly kills civilians and continues to commit genocide in front of the whole world. So we must put an end to it immediately! Together!

Kyiv, September 22, 2023 (Quelle:, 22. September 2023)