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Ukraine: Rare Ukrainian old-print books to be digitized at Harvard

22. August 2018
The Harvard Library in Houghton (USA) is planning to digitize rare Ukrainian old-print books, including the first editions by Ivan Fedorov, as well as works by Taras Shevchenko and Ivan Kotlyarevsky, Religion in Ukraine reports citing The library collection that has been formed from the beginning of the twentieth century, includes the Ostroh Bible, the Psalter, the Kobzar by Shevchenko published in 1840, the first print of Kotlyarevsky's Eneide, and the manuscript by Skovoroda. Many of those books stored in Houghton are not available in Ukraine.

Ukrainian old-print books are digitized as part of the overall computerization of university libraries in the United States, to provide access to rare works for researchers from all over the world. The funds for the project have already been allocated. (Quelle:, 10. August 2018)