Ukraine: Conflict between Greek Catholics and Orthodox of the Moscow Patriarchate in Kolomyia

On June 4, a conflict erupted between the faithful of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church and the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of Moscow Patriarchate around the building of a church in Kolomyia.
According to IRres, which is citing a local television station STC, it is a wooden Church of Annunciation of the 17th century. The activists of the UGCC came to the church building and organized a meeting in which it claimed the rights to it. Allegedly, only Greek Catholics ruled there, but in the Soviet times the church was passed to the Orthodox. The local community and the priests tried to convince the faithful of the UOC to leave the Moscow Patriarchate. Those, in turn, expressed outrage to this proposal. As a result, priests of the UOC MP allowed the UGCC representatives to enter the church and celebrate the Liturgy there. (Quelle:, 6. Juni 2017)