Tadschikistan: Tajik youth organization ready to combat alien morals and customs

The public youth organization Sozandagoni Vatan (Builders of Motherland) has expressed support for amendments to the law on traditions, festivities and rites recently adopted at the initiative of Tajik President Emomali Rahmon. The organization's statement published in the Tajik official media says that the amendments are aimed at protecting national and cultural values and qualitatively improving life in the country, especially for young people.

"With the adoption of the amendments and addenda to the law we entered a new stage of social development that can be compared to a cultural revolution. For us, young heirs of the glorious history and high moral culture of the nation, the provisions of the law have become an important spiritual objective in the cause of national self-understanding, and indicator of a light road to a stable future," the statement says.

"The time has come today with the application of the provisions of this law to launch a merciless struggle against any adulation of alien phenomena that have negatively influenced society, families and clothing, to be worthy of the trust of the Leader of the Nation and the country's population," the statement says.

The law regulating traditions, festivities and rites in Tajikistan was adopted on June 8, 2007. It was meant to modify customs, festivities and rites "considering the needs of social development and to protect true values of national culture and respect for folk customs to raise the social and economic wellbeing of the population." The amendments adopted last week tighten several provisions of the law. In line with them certain rites have been prohibited, others - restricted in time, the number of participants and related expenses. Violations of the law entail fines. (Quelle: www.interfax-religion.ru, 30. August 2017)