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Polish Orthodox Church adds over forty Romanian Saints to its calendar

01. Juni 2017
The Polish Church was the first Autocephalous Orthodox Church to respond positively to the Romanian Patriarchate’s proposal to introduce Romanian Saints to its local church calendar.
According to a communique of the Synodal office, during its 16 May working session, the Holy Synod of the Polish Orthodox Church decided to add several Romanian Saints to its local calendar.
His Eminence Jerzy (George), Archbishop-elect of the Diocese of Wrocław and Szczecin, confirmed to that the Holy Synod of the Polish Church has approved the inclusion to its calendar of over forty Romanian Saints glorified by the Romanian Orthodox Church since 1950.

In accordance with church ordinances, after the Holy Synod of a local Orthodox Church decides to canonize a saint, the other sister Churches are informed about this decision by a fraternal letter. This letter also addresses the request that the saint be introduced into the local church calendar in order to confirm and consecrate his veneration among faithful from all over the world.

In recent years, the Holy Synod of the Romanian Orthodox Church has decided to add to its calendar several saints glorified by the sister Orthodox Churches. The newly glorified saints include New Martyr Ephraim of Nea Makri, Venerable George the Confessor of Drama, Saint Luke the Surgeon, Archbishop of Crimea, Saint Paisios of Mount Athos. Recently, the Synod the Metropolis of Muntenia and Dobrudja has approved the icon of Saint Porphyrios of Kavsokalyvia before including him officially in the calendar of the Romanian Orthodox Church.

List of the Romanian Saints added to the calendar of the Polish Orthodox Church (in chronological order of dates of remembrance):

Venerable Antipas of Calapodeşti (January 10);
Saint Callinicus of Cernica, bishop of Râmnic (April 11);
Saint Pachomius of Gledin, bishop of Roman (April 14);
Saint Simeon Stephan, metropolitan of Transylvania (April 24);
Venerable Basil of Poiana Mărului (April 25);
Venerable Irodion of Lainici (May 3);
Saint Jacob of Putna, Metropolitan of Moldavia (May 15);
Venerable Saints Silas, Paisios and Nathan from Putna Hermitage (May 16);
Saint Leontius of Rădăuţi (July 1);
Ruler Prince Saint Stephan the Great (July 2);
Martyrs Epictetus the priest and Astion the deacon (July 8);
Venerable Saints Raphael and Parthenios of Old Agapia (July 21);
Venerable Ioannikios the New of Muscel (date of celebration 26 July);
Venerable John Jacob of Neamţ (August 5);
Venerable Theodora of Sihla (August 7);
Ruler Prince Saint Constantine Brâncoveanu and his four sons: Constantine, Stephan, Radu, Matthew and his counsellor Ianache (August 16);
Venerable Joseph of Văratec (August 16);
Saint Varlaam, metropolitan of Moldavia (August 30);
Venerable Dionysius Exiguous – the Humble (September 1);
Venerable Saints Neophyte and Meletios from Stânişoara Monastery (September 5);
Venerable Saints Simeon and Amphilochius of Pângăraţi (September 7);
Holy Venerable Kyriakos of Tazlău (September 9);
Ruler Prince Saint Neagoe Basarab (September 26);
Hieromartyr Saint Anthimos of Iviria, metropolitan of Wallachia (September 27);
Venerable Saints Joseph and Kyriakos of Bisericani (October 1);
Venerable Saints Daniel and Mishael from Turnu Monastery (October 5);
Saint Hyacinth of Vicina, metropolitan of Wallachia (October 28);
Holy Confessors and Martyrs of Năsăud: Athanasius Todoran of Bichigiu, Basil of Mocod, Gregory of Zagra and Basil of Telciu (November 12);
Saint Andrei Şaguna, metropolitan of Transylvania (November 30);
Venerable Daniel the Hermit (December 18);
Venerable Nicodemus of Tismana (26 December).
(Quelle:, 23. Mai 2017)