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Serbien: Serbian Bishop Fotije received Mufti Fazlović in audience

05. April 2018
Bishop Fotije and Mufti Fazlović agreed on more intensive programs of inter-religious cooperation in the cities of Bijeljina and Tuzla. His Eminence Bishop Fotije of Zvornik-Tuzla received Tuzla's Mufti Vahid ef. Fazlović in his Diocesan residence in Bijeljina on March 27, 2018. The meeting presented a continuation of conversations about the mutual cooperation following up Bishop’s visit to the mufti Fazlović in December 2017.

The  two religious dignitaries discussed concrete ways of cooperation between the two religious communities in the area, especially emphasizing the need for a more active work and cooperation of the Inter-Religious Council's Committees in Bijeljina and Tuzla. The meeting was attended by Samir ef. Kamić and Omer ef. Camić, the chief imams of Bijeljina and Janja. (Quelle:, 29. März 2018)