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Rumänien: Patriarch Daniel re-consecrates 517-year old Dealu Monastery

14. Juni 2018
Marking its 517th anniversary, His Beatitude Patriarch Daniel re-consecrated the church of Dealu Monastery on 10. June 2018 referring to it as ‘an important landmark of Romanian national identity and unity’. The Patriarch of Romania said that this monastic settlement is ‘the holy place keeping as in a reliquary the honourable head of Ruler Prince Michael the Brave, who made the first union of the Romanian Principalities, Wallachia, Transylvania, and Moldova, in 1600.’ Although this union ‘was a brief moment of history, a lightening through heavy, oppressing clouds,’ the Patriarch noted, ‘it filled the Romanians’ soul with an unimaginable hope, having the high value of a symbol’. (Quelle:, 11. Juni 2018)