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Zeitschrift: Journal of Orthodox Christian Studies

The Journal of Orthodox Christian Studies is a double-blind, peer-reviewed scholarly journal publishing leading scholarship on all aspects of the thought, history, society, politics, theology and culture of Orthodox Christianity broadly conceived. Submissions are subject to rigorous peer review. Multidisciplinary and methodologically innovative approaches to both historical and contemporary topics exploring some aspect of Orthodox Christianity are welcome. The journal is published semiannually in both print and electronic versions. The Journal of Orthodox Christian Studies is an initiative of the Orthodox Christian Studies Center of Fordham University.

Subscription information and more details about the journal are available from Johns Hopkins University Press.

Published on, the introductory note by journal editors George Demacopoulos and Vera Shevzov briefly explains the vision and significance of the journal and of the field of Orthodox Christian studies:

Often associated with the qualifier “Eastern” and perceived as the Christian “other” in the context of contemporary world Christianity, Orthodox Christianity has historically remained largely off the curricular and scholarly radars of American academics. Yet, from late antiquity to modern times, as persecuted minorities, subjects of state-supported imperial regimes, or immigrants to “foreign lands,” Orthodox Christians have made some of the most significant and lasting contributions to the visual arts, literature, music, philosophy and theology, among other fields. Equally significant, yet politically more contentious, is the fact that Orthodoxy, in all its distinctive permutations, has historically offered a host of alternatives to the more familiar Western European narratives of the history of Christianity, as well as histories of traditionally Orthodox countries and cultures.

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