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Polen: Orthodox Church reaffirms its stance on non-recognition of OCU

04. November 2021

On October 26, 2021, the Bishops' Council of the Polish Orthodox Church considered the ecclesiastical situation in Ukraine and affirmed its earlier decisions pertaining to the illegitimacy of the autocephaly of OCU schismatics and the ban on priests from full communion with them. The first item on the Council’s agenda was the present situation of the Church in Ukraine. On the ground of their earlier decisions, the bishops resolved to uphold their position on non-recognition of the “autocephaly” of the schismatic OCU, the Union of Orthodox Journalists reports with reference to the official website of the Polish Orthodox Church.

Earlier, the Bishops’ Council stated that the defrocked apostates could not represent the true Church. Also, the Polish Orthodox Church reaffirmed its position on the ecclesiastical situation in Ukraine contained in resolutions No.340 of 9th May 2018 and No.341 of 15th November 2018. (Quelle:, 30. Oktober 2021)