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Zypern: Archbishop states support for sex education courses in schools

21. September 2023

The primate of the Orthodox Church of Cyprus says he is in favor of sexual education in schools, believing it’s better to inform children about how to protect themselves than to leave them ignorant and vulnerable. Archbishop Georgios (Papachrysostomou) recently met with the Minister of Education and the inspector who will be monitoring this specific issue and concluded that the Ministry will make every effort not only to inform but also to protect children. Answering a related question from Philenews, the Archbishop said “that we should not be seduced by extreme voices, whether they come from various circles in Greece or are adopted within Cyprus.”

Abp. Georgios was the Metropolitan of Paphos until his recent election to the primatial throne. His successor in Papohs, Metropolitan Tychikos (Vryonis) came out strongly against the comprehensive compulsory sex education courses in a letter read in all churches of his diocese earlier this month. According to Met. Tychikos, the new courses are “aimed at depriving our children of spiritual fortitude, blunting their moral sensibilities, and leveling the values of our 2000-year-old Greek tradition and conscience.”

Philenews notes that Trooditissa Monastery also came out against the courses, saying: “Our children don’t need sexual education, but Christian education.” The outlet also reports that the issue will be discussed at the next session of the Holy Synod. (Quelle:, 15. September 2023)